The CED rises from the great hope to come into the depth of daily life.

What actually done in our world by doing something? Our world consists of faith, work, learn, family, children, hope, success, dreams, plans, etc. Because each of our motion will result and influence a new different way of thinking, feeling, and action in our environment of life.

The CED combines the values of spirituality and the human solution skills from any disciplines.

The discipline such as retreats and recollection, the behavior and attitude high performance, to maximize the management of success’ times and chances, the psychology of values in work and learn, leadership, motivation, team and character building, the games of purposes of life, the reinforcement to drive the best solution. All these faculties based on the power of spirituality [Adoro Te].

The space works of CED are all people and groups who want improve their life to success and meaningful.

They are undergraduate [elementary, junior and senior high school], postgraduate, teachers, labors, and all elements of parishes. We invite you to know God’s work in your works. It will make us to do anything more than we can do because there is not impossible in this world in God. Covering your life – all your works – by God power will lead you to unlimited hopes, solutions and all the best prepared to you.

The CED does by care [curing attitudes and responses for expressions] to grasp the excellence skills.

Care is our depth way to explore and grow up CED solution for life. Each of care strategy leads us to know our basic power to reach all peak experiences simply.


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